A Family Affair: Seven bobcats in the backyard: Oh my!

A Family Affair: Seven bobcats in the backyard: Oh my!

CREATED Sep. 13, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A backyard bobcat is not uncommon in the Old Pueblo, especially if you live near a wash. But what if there were four? Or seven? Would that make you nervous?

One Oro Valley woman didn't seem to mind when an entire bobcat family took over her backyard.

While eating breakfast in her kitchen on Monday morning, Cindy Prassas noticed a baby bobcat sitting on her wall, "which is not unusual for this area and fairly soon within minutes the mother came," she said.

And another. And another. Soon, there were seven.

"There were four babies, two teenagers and the mother bobcat," she said. Reporter Valerie Cavazos asked, "What did you think at first?" She replied, "I couldn't believe it. It was like looking at a zoo. It was more exciting because they were so playful. The mom was trying to sleep and the babies were patting the mom in the face."

Some took naps on the wall and in her tree, while the youngest ones played King of the Hill atop her outdoor fireplace. "So if you could imagine four of them on top of there trying to push one off so the other one would have enough room to lay down to get some sun," said Cindy.

At one point, Cindy's son knocked on the window to get the family's attention -- thinking it could scare them away, but she said that didn't phase them at all. "They just looked over at us. I took some more photos and they continued to play and they stayed for at least an hour," she said.

Cavazos: "Bobcats can be dangerous. So did did you come outside?"
Cindy: "No we would never. This was their territory that morning and we let them be."
Cavazos: "So it was like National Geographic for you that morning."
Cindy: "Yes, it was. It was fascinating."
Cindy says the bobcat family has not returned, but she hopes to see them again.