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A baby on a motorcycle?

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A baby on a motorcycle?

CREATED Aug. 31, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -It's dangerous enough on the streets of Tucson belted into a car with a full set of air bags.
Imagine the danger for a baby on a motorcycle, held by it's mother's arms or maybe just a cloth sling.

That's what you see in a close look at a photo sent in by a KGUN9 viewer

You have to wonder if the couple is reckless, or just clueless.

Experienced riders like Peter Curtiss says there's no way to keep a baby safe on a motorcycle.

He says, "Putting a child between them is just insanity.  Any type of accident, if they just tipped over, standing at a light they'd lose the baby probably."

Sometimes parents think in a car accident at least, a child could be safe in their arms in a wreck. Let's introduce you to physics for parents. What child safety experts tell us in in a wreck as slow as 30 miles an hour a ten pound baby will seem like it weighs 300 pounds.  Here's 300 pounds right here.  Do you think you would have a prayer of holding onto something like that?

Yomy Diaz is coordinator for the Safe Kids Tucson a coalition of hospitals and agencies dedicated to child safety.

"It amazes me to think that, parents would think that it would be okay to travel with a child this way. It's just one of those things that you see and have to do like a double take and say it this what I'm really seeing?"
Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Tom Peine says if a deputy saw a baby on a motorcycle there would definitely be a traffic stop.

He says the picture's blurry enough he can't say for sure that's a baby. But the Sheriff's Department really wants to hear from witnesses, see a license plate and talk to that rider.  A possible child endangerment charge would be part of that talk.

Deputy Peine says, "Just the fact it's in between the two, it's on a motorcycle, the child is not properly secured so the child is definitely endangered at this point."

The endangerment could be prosecuted as a low level felony or a high level misdemeanor.

Possible traffic offenses would not include breaking Arizona's baby seat law. The law exempts any vehicle without restraints like seat belts built in so it would not apply to motorcycles.

Because the child is clearly younger than 16 there's a clear violation of the helmet law.