Pima County primary election preps

Photo: Video by kgun9.com

Pima County primary election preps

CREATED Aug. 27, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The primaries may already be decided by the ballots in a secured room at the Pima County Elections Building. 
They are mail in ballots.  Lately mail-ins have decided local elections.  They've accounted for 70 percent of the vote.
Elections director Brad Nelson says if you forgot to mail in, it's too late for the post office to get your ballot to the county by the 7pm deadline.

"So if you happen to have your early ballot with you, go ahead and make it to your conscious desire, and then drop it off at any polling place."
Because this is a primary it's Republican versus Republican and Democrat Versus Democrat.
That means the local parties urge their loyalists to vote but stay neutral on precisely who to vote for.

Democratic Party volunteer Jim Thomas says, "We're just doing some phone banking, just get out the vote for a lot of the candidates, Democratic candidates."
The Republican party is helping its candidates but without taking sides.

KGUN9 reporter asked Pima Republican Party Executive Director Linda White: "What sort of assistance can a local party give that doesn't favor one candidate over another?" 

White:"Well, we have our website and our website has all of the candidates listed.  Under their photo is the candidates' website which we've been referring people."

If you did fail to mail in your ballot, you do not want to try voting the regular way.  They have a record of sending you a mail-in so if you try to vote the old way they'll give you a provisional ballot and cross check to make sure your mail in was never used.