Rare morning storm makes wet commute

Photo: Video by kgun9.com

Rare morning storm makes wet commute

CREATED Aug. 22, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Sheets of rain blanketed neighborhoods Wednesday and made driving a splashy, slippery enterprise.

In Pima County, Overton at the CDO Wash is such a frequent flooder, the county installed gates there.  County workers locked them about mid-morning to keep drivers from pressing their luck.
In MidTown Tucson, water from blocks around collected in Arcadia Wash and surged through the intersection of Lee and Santa Rosa.  The wash was running strong but still shallow enough that drivers got through with no problems.
The ups and downs of 5th Street collected water there and made it a wet way to move east and west.
Not far from 5th and Swan, Desert Avenue was filling up curb to curb.
Water making it over the curb was a real worry for Pete Szach.  It almost made it to the door of his rent house.

He says, "The water actually builds up, comes over this curb, goes up the sidewalk, jumps that curb and you can see the waterline, and you can see the waterline there.  I don't know if you can see it with the debris line.  That's how far it got today."
Szach says the street's always been a channel for heavy rain water but it hasn't always been so deep.
He suspects the city's repaving of 3rd Street raised the street just enough to make it behave like a dam that pens in the water and makes it rise higher than it used to.