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A fast and powerful Monsoon storm catches many by surprise -- again

A fast and powerful Monsoon storm catches many by surprise -- again

CREATED Aug. 5, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) --Sunday's Monsoon storm packed quite a quick punch and stuck around through the night with many more lightening rounds. Mother nature lined up a spectacular show -- complete with sudden extreme windsm, sideways sheets of rain and booming sounds.

KGUN 9's Monsoon team followed a path of damage that this fast and powerful on the eastside. Standing in front of his home -- David Peyton explained what happened when the storm swept through his neighborhood. "All of a sudden we heard this large noise. The wind was blowing -- the rain -- we came out and looked and no carport roof," he said.

Pieces of it ended up scattered across the street. "It just ripped it all up. it sounded like a tornado. Obviously it wasn't," he said. No, it wasn't, but now he is left with no carport and a damaged roof.

His neighbor, Bill Burris, who lives just a few doors down, also heard loud noises and walked out to see his 15-year-old mesquite tree ripped out of the ground. The tree "took our fence out and lay into the alley and into the neighbor's yard behind us," said Burris, "All of the monsoon seasons in 15 years it withstood them but got an extra strong burst of wind and took it over."

And another one too -- in another neighborhood several miles away. The homeowner had never seen anything like it. "I see the mesquite tree that's been here for quite a long time pretty well uprooted."