Sunday Morning at Bobo's

Workin' the grill at Bobo's Restaurant

Sunday Morning at Bobo's

CREATED Jul. 18, 2012

Reporter and Photographer: Guy Atchley

I don't think we'd be doing Bobo's a disservice by calling it a greasy-spoon restaurant.  For many people greasy-spoon food is a delicacy.  And that's what you get at Bobo's.

You'd better come hungry because you can choose from bigger-than-your-plate pancakes, potatoes fried in butter and oh-so-crisp bacon.  And, of course, the Bobo's gang is good at keeping your cup full.

People from all over the country and the world stop in at Bobo's.  Somehow they've gotten the word that it's the place for down-home cookin'.  People come for the food -- and the experience. 

Phyllis Maloney and Jane Kaskel bellied up to the counter and told me why they come.  They say it's "affordable, delicious and friendly."  And no telling whom you might see.  Bobo's caters to the college crowd, business people, bikers, families -- you name it -- everybody comes here.

Danielle Cota was in charge on the day I stopped by.  When you look at the pictures, she's the one standing in front of the café with the signs about their low prices behind her. 

If you'd like the Bobo's experience, the café is located at 2938 East Grant Road in Tucson. 

Don't be surprised if you find a line.  Just strike up a conversation while you wait.  The people are friendly.