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Fireworks, storms mean more dogs, cats at the pound

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Photo: Video by kgun9.com

Fireworks, storms mean more dogs, cats at the pound

CREATED Jul 6, 2012
Reporter: Kevin Keen
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Multiply four legs and a tail times 100. The answer is the number of dogs and cats picked up by the Pima County pound in the past two days. What’s behind the influx? The shelter says it’s the Fourth of July fireworks and monsoon.
This Independence Day in southern Arizona monsoon storms rolled in and fireworks fired up. ‘Twas fun for family and friends, but not necessarily for Fido. All the big noises this week could've been hard on those cute little ears.
“To them, it's probably like gunshots,” said pet owner Michelle Dengler. “They get frightened and they want to run away.”
And scurry away they did--en masse--and not returning home.
Pima Animal Care Center took in 65 lost dogs and cats the day after the Fourth of July. At least 40 more came in Friday, bringing the total number of strays to at least 105. That's fewer strays than the shelter anticipated, but only a dozen owners had picked up their pooches as of Friday afternoon.
“The majority of the people that I’ve spoken to that are coming in to redeem their animals--it's 'the thunder the spooked them,' 'the big bang spooked them,' and 'they got out of the yard,’” said animal care advocate Justin Gallick.
Out of the yard and now at the pound, animal control wants owners to come collect.
“If you have a missing cat or dog, please come down to the shelter and look,” Gallick said. “Your best friend may be sitting here waiting for you.”
What happens to a dog or cat if its owner doesn't show up? Staff will evaluate the animal for adoption in three days. If the pet has a tag or a microchip naming the owner, that happens after a week of not being claimed.
If you're an owner searching for your pet, you can find pictures and descriptions of the stray dogs and cats online. If you're looking to adopt, see which furry friends are available now online.