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Political, legal fights over school vouchers' fate

Political, legal fights over school vouchers' fate

CREATED Apr. 8, 2012

Web Producer: Marissa Pasquet
WASHINGTON (AP) - Political fights and court battles are brewing around the country over using public dollars to make it easier for parents to afford private schools for their kids.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal recently won passage of legislation that expands statewide a voucher program in New Orleans as part of widespread changes to the state's education system.
Lawmakers in Virginia and Florida have passed legislation creating or expanding programs that give tax credits for contributions to private school scholarship funds.
The issue also has been debated in recent months in other states, including New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Ohio, and New Jersey.
Opponents say the programs erode public schools. Supporters say they give opportunities to students who are in bad schools and provide parents with more choices.

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