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Scottsdale mayor wants end to public urination

Scottsdale mayor wants end to public urination

CREATED Mar. 7, 2012

Web Producer: Alexandra Sutter

SCOTTDALE, Ariz. (AP) - Get caught relieving yourself in public in Scottsdale and the fine could be $300 plus the cost of cleaning it up under a proposal by the city's chief executive.
The Arizona Republic ( reports the City Council has agreed to consider Mayor Jim Lane's request to add an amendment to the city ordinance that prohibits public urination and defecation.
The change would establish a $150 mandatory minimum fine for the offense. Once state surcharges are added, the fine increases to about $320.
In addition, the city court may require that a person convicted of the Class 1 misdemeanor pay restitution for any cleanup costs incurred by the city.
The mayor says the entertainment district has become an area for patrons to use as an outdoor restroom and he wants an end to it.