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High winds could affect driving

High winds could affect driving

CREATED Feb 27, 2012

Web Producer: Ina Ronquillo

PHOENIX (AP) - The Arizona Department of Transportation says a high wind advisory issued by the National Weather Service means the possibility of dust storms crossing state highways Monday.
Gusty winds from 25-to-40 mph are predicted in northern Arizona.
In southern Arizona, southwest winds from 25-to-35 mph including possible wind gusts up to 45 mph could impact drivers on Interstates 10 and 8.
ADOT urges drivers to take extra precaution as strong winds over desert areas can result in sudden periods of limited or zero visibility due to blowing dust.
Motorists should look for a safe place to pull off the paved portion of a roadway. Turn off all vehicle lights and take your foot off the brake.
Most dust storms pass in a few minutes.

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