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Pit bull mix shot, killed during Midtown attack

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Photo: Video by kgun9.com

Pit bull mix shot, killed during Midtown attack

CREATED Feb 20, 2012
Reporter: Kevin Keen
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Two dogs viciously attack another canine in Midtown then move on to that canine's owner. Next, they turn on a man rushing to help, leaving the animal lover and Good Samaritan no choice than to take deadly action.
Kevin Perkins heard his neighbor's screams Monday morning.
“I ran across the street,” the Tucsonan said. “I saw two dogs attacking her and her dog.”
Pima County Animal Care said the attack happened near Glenn Street and First Avenue and at least one dog was a pit bull mix. The other kind of dog is unknown because it wasn’t captured. Perkins said both were pit bulls.
“The black one had a hold of the neighbor's leg at the time and then grabbed the dog's neck,” he said. “The brown pit bull had a hold of the dog's rear end. They were both shaking the dog violently.”
“All the while, was your neighbor screaming?” 9 On Your Side reporter Kevin Keen asked. Perkins replied: “She was screaming all the time. She was not only was hurt, but I think she was more afraid that her dog was being killed right in front of her face.”
With blood all over, Perkins said he kicked the brown pit twice, but it kept charging back--leaving him no choice.
“A neighbor started running over. That dog ran away. The black pit bull came charging at me at that point,” Perkins said, emotionally. “At that point, I had to draw my gun and fire one shot into the head of the advancing pit bull. It immediately died.”
The other canine ran away.
“What's the status of the other dog?” Keen asked Jeffrey Carver, enforcement supervisor with Pima County Animal Care. “At large,” Carver said. “Officers patrolled the area, were unable to locate it.” The owner couldn't find it either, Carver added.
Perkins said, from what he could tell, these dogs were kept behind a four foot-high fence made of chicken wire, which he describes as inadequate. He warns if dogs aren't controlled and contained, the result could be traumatic.
“It's something that I would never want to do again,” he said. “It was just as (emotional) to kill an animal as to kill a person. I'm an animal lover. It took all I could to pull the trigger.”
Perkins added: “I feel sorry for the gentleman that owns the pit bulls. He lost, probably, a very good dog that he loved. That's not a good feeling to take that from somebody.”
The woman who was attacked left the hospital Monday afternoon after receiving stitches and a rabies shot, Perkins said. Her dog is still with a veterinarian. Perkins said she thanked him for saving her life.
Law enforcement issued the pit bull mix owner multiple citations because his dogs were on the loose and because they bit another dog and a human. If the one dog that's still on the loose is found, animal control said it will need to be quarantined and tested for rabies.
Update: Perkins' description of the dog attacked was removed from this story because, he later told Nine On Your Side, he found out it was not a terrier.