12-year-old saves toddler from drowning

Liz Kotalik

12-year-old saves toddler from drowning

CREATED Aug. 25, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Firefighters are calling her a hero after a 12-year-old girl did something amazing on Saturday night.

It happened at her cousin's birthday party.

"I saw her lips were really blue and water was coming out of her mouth," Hailey told Nine On Your Side.
She saw a 4-year-old girl who lived in the neighborhood fighting for her life, so she pulled her out, laid her on her side, and called an adult over.
"I put her up there and her dad rushed over and started CPR."
But minutes before, the toddler jumped into the pool without anyone seeing.
Her parents had just taken off her lifevest, and if it wasn't for Hailey's quick thinking, that little girl could have died.
Hailey learned those lifesaving skills just a week ago at an American Red Cross babysitting class.
The American Heart Association reported about 70% of Americans either do not know CPR, or wouldn't be able to perform it properly.
For some perspective, since Friday, there have already been three near-drowning incidents in the Tucson area.
"We always highlight the important of the ABCs of pool safety," Golder Fire Department told us. "A being adult supervision, B being barriers, and C being classes."
Classes that have saved another life and have made Hailey a hero.
You'll never know when you have to be a hero too.
Want to learn CPR, or want you child to learn?