Drivers beware! School zones are up again

Craig Smith

The black car holds who may be the more irresponsible driver we've seen in the history of Speedbusters. To reach a school bus, at the bus stop, he broke the law by passing a long line of cars, and doing it on the shoulder. Once he got his child on the bus, he broke the law again by cutting off the bus that carried his own child.

Drivers beware! School zones are up again

CREATED Aug. 1, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - With school back in session now, here's a big reminder to drivers in school zones.
At any second a child could run right in front of you car.
Will you be prepared to stop in time?
Just as kids are a bit rusty after a summer away from school, drivers are encountering their first school zones in months. So KGUN9 brought out the Speedbusters radar to see how well drivers are handling back to school.

But first, we look back at prime example of how crazy and dangerous drivers can be around kids. 

Several years ago on Sarnoff, we saw a driver rushing to get kids to a school bus stop.

He kicked up plenty of dust as he drove on the dirt shoulder.  He passed a row of stopped cars on the right, slammed on the brakes as he reached the door of the bus and put his kids on board.

After breaking a long list of laws did the driver stop, to let the bus that now carries his child safely drive off?

No.  He broke more lawas and endangered his child, by hitting the car, and pulling out in front of the bus.

With that in mind, and school back in session, we whipped out the  Speedbusters radar.

We found drivers behaving near Ford Elementary on Stella.

But you can never rest easy when kids and cars mix.

"You don't know what to expect from kids, of course from drivers also," says parent Marina Karagodski.
And speed's not the only worry--congestion is too.

Parent Aisha Harvey says, "Cutting off's a big issue.  Everybody's child needs to get there on time but they think theirs is more important than everyone else's."

Her husband Dallas says, "It's safety because people are trying to get out because they've got places to go, obviously, but at the same time, they're not paying attention to people crossing on the streets the crosswalks."

Tucson Police can and do set up special enforcement in and around school zones and they tell us after a short school week this week they're planning some special enforcement for the first full week of school next week.