Jamie Lynn Spears 'How Could I Want More' video (WATCH)


Photo: Video by YouTube

Jamie Lynn Spears 'How Could I Want More' video (WATCH)

By Stephen L. Betts. CREATED Nov 26, 2013

Hot on the heels of the debut of her country single, "How Could I Want More," Jamie Lynn Spears has released a video for the song. Although older sister, pop star Britney Spears, may be known for elaborate clips with oversized budgets and skimpy costumes, her sis keeps things simple, which fits the acoustically driven track.  

Just after the video premiered, Britney showed support for her younger sibling with a tweet that read, "Can't believe how beautiful my sister looks in her #HowCouldIWantMore video. OMG!"

We agree. But in spite of the single's title, we're definitely looking forward to more when Jamie Lynn's full-length album is ready for release. No word yet on when that might be.