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Inside Edge: What Darius wants for Christmas; Blake and Miranda's holiday road trip; Jason recalls 'nerd'-y Christmas gift

Kellie Michaels

Inside Edge: What Darius wants for Christmas; Blake and Miranda's holiday road trip; Jason recalls 'nerd'-y Christmas gift

By Kellie Michaels. CREATED Dec 22, 2013

Darius Rucker is easy to shop for at holiday time. "I don't want anything for Christmas," he says. "I bought all my stuff all year. If I see it, I want it, I buy it, so Christmas is that time where I really go out of my way to make sure everybody else feels special." Darius says Christmas for him is not about the gifts. "The celebration of the birth of Christ is one of those things that I never take for granted. It's a holy, great holiday and we try to make it special for the family." Even though Darius doesn't want any gifts under the tree, he is getting one on the charts. His latest single, "Radio," has gone Top 5 and "Wagon Wheel" placed at No. 2 on the Billboard Top Country Songs chart for 2013.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are like a lot of couples at Christmas. They have to spend quite a bit of time on the road to fit in all the family. "We start down in Lindale, Texas, on Christmas Eve with Miranda's family," Blake tells us. "We always wake up there on Christmas morning and open presents. That's where Santa comes.Then we put everything in the car and drive all the way back to Oklahoma, about a three-hour drive, and we have Christmas Day with my family."

Fans spotted Jason Aldean out shopping at a Nashville mall over the weekend. These days, the father of two can afford to get his girls anything they want, but when he was a kid, that wasn't the case. Jason tells CMT that one Christmas stands out in his mind. "I was a big 'Star Wars' nerd for a while ... when I was a kid, like 5," he recalls. "I woke up and I had all the figures. I say all of them, it was probably, like, 10 of them which, for me, might as well have been all of them. And then I had the big Millennium Falcon -- the big ship -- all this stuff." Jason says he realized that there were some sacrifices on the part of his mom to be able to afford that gift. "I mean, I was kind of a poor kid," he explains. "We didn't get stuff like that all the time."

Keith Urban wasn't the star of a party he attended over the weekend. That honor went to his in-laws. Keith joined wife Nicole Kidman and their two girls at a family lunch celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Nicole's parents, clinical psychologist Dr. Antony Kidman and former nurse, Janelle, in Sydney, Australia. Keith serenaded the couple at one point during the party. Word is the family will stay in Australia for Christmas before Keith travels back to L.A. to continue taping episodes of "American Idol," which returns to FOX in January.

The guys of Lady Antebellum lent their voices to a special song commemorating the 100th anniversary of ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, which licenses music for release and airplay. The song, called "More Than the Stars," features Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood singing with a mix of artists from various genres. The song is part of a documentary titled "Why We Create Music." Hillary Scott wasn't able to make the recording session because she was tending to her daugher, Eisele. Watch the video below. Mobile users click here.