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  • Picture of Lexie the longhair doxie getting some rays.S Judianne Lee

  • By Alan Krasofski Sonoran Desert Sunset Image taken on the westside of the Tucson Mountains, Tucson AZ Sunday 01-25-15 IMG_7762 Alan Krasofski

  • Cazee Ponds captured today's Vail, Az sunset. Brenda Cazee

  • Rio Rico sunset Manny Huerta

  • Our Morki and Yorki. 18 months old, names are Tappy Oka and Mitzi. They love to take rides in their golf cart. Mom is Lynda, Dad is Glenn Oka. proud Green Valley parents

  • Taken 3:30 this afternoon on Bear Canyon Rd. by me, Patricia Patricia Bull

  • Another photo of the fog in Green Valley this afternoon. Taken by Christina Hornyan.

  • Ice on miniature cactus. Taken in midtown this morning Bill Madden

  • Ice drop on cactus. Taken in midtown this morning Bill Madden

  • My son Matthew Hatt playing in New Year's Eve snow! Wendy Hatt

  • Just wanted to show you how the charm gathers after these cold nights and the sunset here less than an hour ago. It started out like the first one and ended like the last. That bright spot wasn't the sun. I guess there was a water vapor cloud that somehow caught the light from the sun at the horizon and made a vertical pillar of light. Just breathtaking! Oui Guillotte

  • Our TWO sister POM's love each other so much they have become ONE!Picture taken at our RV park in Mesa!Larry KajaSent from Samsung Mobile Larry Kaja

  • You can't resist this cuteness! Abbey putting her new holiday blanket to the test! It passed! Susie Kuenzler

  • This deer was outside our cabin up by Summerhaven. Sara

  • She stuck the landing and is safe! Damien Porter

  • Play

    Hi my name is Christian Skydell I'm 18 from oro valley and this is my Christmas lightshow for 2014. The video shows part of my display which in total contains 23 inflatables, 48 computer controlled channels, along with close to 40,000 lights. Christian Skydell

  • The weather is changing over the Huachuca's….Sat. morning clouds. Jodi Moe

  • Dillinger enjoying the beautiful Zoo Lights Festival at Reid Park Zoo. Dillinger is 7 months old and born on Cinco De Mayo. He loves sweet potatoes and walks around the park mostly by being held. Trinity Gary

  • It sure is rough livin' a dog's life. K. Stateler

  • Pictures of Radar in his Christmas Sweater. Regina

  • Pictures of Radar in his Christmas Sweater. Regina

  • Pictures of Radar in his Christmas Sweater. Regina

  • Photo of my son at about 6m sleeping peacefully Blsmessmore

  • Sam - Showing off her skills. Blair Messmore

  • Rocky's favorite place during winter Blair Messmore

  • Play

    I took this short video of an owl in a mesquite tree in our back yard in SaddleBrooke. Watch as it turns his head completely around to get a look at me from a different angle. Sam Page

  • Incredible colors at sunrise this morning David L. Grinney

  • Friends... My Granddaughter Shelby Louise lovin' on Cheyenne. ~Ty~

  • Colorful sunset seen from Sierra Vista Maria Kovary

  • Picture of the Mission between Tucson and Nogales in the community of Tumacacori Arizona. Notice the beautiful blue sky's and puffy clouds. f. enriquez