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Study: tablets and eReaders may disrupt sleep

If you love your eReaders and take in a couple of chapters before bedtime, new research says it could be disrupting your sleep. Harvard researchers studied 12 volunteers for two weeks in a controlled setting comparing how eReaders affected sleep cycles compared to old- fashioned paper books. What they found was startling.

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  • 23 minutes ago Video Talker

Santa spreading cheer at TMC & UAMC

Everyone is talking about it, the holidays! And on Monday, an Arizona Highway Patrol escort for Santa claus making early visits to two hospitals.

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Immigrants line up for Arizona driver's licenses

Young immigrants protected from deportation under an Obama administration policy began getting Arizona driver's licenses Monday for the first time.

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Park Tucson begins to install 1,500 new smart parking meters

500 new parking meters hit the streets Monday and Tuesday and hundreds more are on the way.

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  • 5 hours ago

NYPD cadets advised not to wear uniforms for safety

Unlike full-time officers -- despite being in uniform -- trainees are unarmed.

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