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Mother of daughter buried in Thatcher backyard sentenced to 22 years behind bars

28-year-old Anna Marie Sanchez plead guilty to several charges in connection to 3-year-old daughter Makayla's death.

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Families rally to oppose police brutality

Four years ago Jose Gutierrez's family says he was unjustly beaten by border patrol agents. On Monday, his wife -- and others took to the streets to rally for people who say have been victims of police brutality.

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Why risk it? Why firefighters step onto the roof of a burning house and how they stay safe

Roof collapses caught firefighters in Tucson and Fresno. Tucson firefighters escaped without injury. The Fresno firefighter is in critical condition.

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Parents of 3-year-old boy who shot himself are sentenced

Before Judge Christopher Browning sentenced Don and Sharina Marion -- he told them it was a tragic but preventable accident.

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