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Selfie craze draws more interest in plastic surgery

Everyone can admit to taking a selfie now and again, but the pressure to capture that perfect pic is causing some to take drastic measures.

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U of A campus crime report shows increase in reported sexual assaults

Reported sexual assaults are up and alcohol-related arrests are down.

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Hard landing at DM adds fuel to A-10 fire in Congressional race

Officials tell 9OYS the pilot is ok, and the plane will probably fly again.

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' The Hibernator', a breakfast dish packing 8,000 calories

A café is claiming to be cooking the biggest and unhealthiest breakfasts in all of Britain. In one meal, an entrée can rack up four times the recommended daily the calorie intake. It's called ' The Hibernator!

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CDC confirms first case of Ebola diagnosed in U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that the Ebola virus has been diagnosed in a patient now hospitalized in Dallas.

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