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Will no tax hike pledge for Arizona mean a tax boost for Pima County?

County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry says pushing costs to local government makes him plan to suggest an increase

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X-ray machines to scan semis for weapons, explosives at Super Bowl

This x-ray machine is as big as a truck, and its meant to scan just that. For the first time, CBP lets our 9OYS cameras inside.

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CBP provides Super Bowl security from the skies

9OYS went flying high with Customs and Border Protection Monday as Black Hawk and A-star helicopters circled University of Phoenix stadium.

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KGUN9 Super Bowl coverage

Starting tomorrow, January 26 KGUN9 will be bringing you all of your Super Bowl coverage.

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Winter Storm Juno begins causing problems in the Northeast

Several states have already declared a state of emergency.

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