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Are kids' meals good for kids? A new study takes a look at it

Your kids might like the chicken nuggets, the popular hamburgers on the so called "kids menus" at your favorite restaurants.However, a new study raises serious concerns over how healthy these meals actually are for kids. Virginia Tech researchers looked at the kid's menus offered at nearly 140 restaurants in North Carolina and Virginia

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Man dies after fatal collision on southeast side

A man died after suffering life-threatening injuries during a two-vehicle collision on the southeast side on March 20.

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Marana Police responding to Walgreens armed robbery on northwest side

The Marana Police Department is responding to the scene of an armed robbery of a Walgreens store on the northwest side.

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Town of Marana named All-American City finalist

The Town of Marana is among 16 All-American City finalists named by the National Civic League.

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Fry-Day Friday


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New Ind. bill allows businesses to reject gay customers

The legislation is known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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