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Fans loving UA Wildcats explosive season opener against UNLV

Coach Rodriguez raises the bar to energize fans.

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Politics and hot dogs---Labor Day picnic brings out the candidates

No Labor Day off for Democratic candidates as they worked to win union vote

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'They're seeking them out;' Sonoita winemakers reap the fruits of their labor

Southern Arizonans did not have to go far to enjoy a taste of Wine Country this holiday weekend. A slew of Sonoita wineries are on the heels of one of their busiest Labor Day weekends so far, but business was not always booming.

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Arizona DUI enforcement nets 582 arrests

Arizona highway patrol officers, sheriff's deputies and other law enforcement officers arrested 582 people on suspicion of driving under the influence during the holiday weekend.

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CNN reporter's farewell video goes viral

Laid-off reporter also helped herself to supplies before leaving.

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