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Two legged robot can run 2.6 miles per hour

A University of Tokyo team has unveiled one of the fastest two legged robots in the world. The robot can reach speeds of just over two and a half miles per hour.

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  • Video 9OYS Crime Watch

Police investigate double murder-suicide; victims identified

Police are investigating the double homicide at an apartment complex on the 1300 block of North Bonanza Avenue, near east Speedway between North Houghton and North Harrison Roads.

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  • 2 hours ago Video

Nogales vendors nix contamination fears, give imported produce all-clear

Less than a month after a massive chemical spill contaminated a Sonora, Mexico river -- Nogales, Arizona vendors are giving imported produce the all-clear and nixing any contamination fears.

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  • 4 hours ago

A single tweet, instagram post could get you into space

The OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission team is inviting the public to submit tweets and Instagram posts about solar system exploration.

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Video appears to show journalist Steven Sotloff being beheaded

Another American journalist may have met the same fate as James Foley.

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