Confrontation over female leads to stabbing

According to Tucson Police, the gentlemen appear to have gotten into a confrontation over a female.

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9 year-old biking cross-country makes special stop in Tucson

A 9-year-old boy biking across the United States to raise money for cancer research made a detour to visit Tucson for a very special reason.

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CDC: flu warning for young adults

If you think the flu only affects children and seniors, think again. The Centers for Disease Control is reminding people that influenza hospitalized a high number of adults last winter.

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UA receives $50 million gift from Haury Estate

The University of Arizona will establish a program focused on environment, society, and the Southwest thanks to a $50 million donation made by Agnese Nelms Haury.

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Police surround Pennsylvania shooting suspect, shots fired

Officials believe they have Eric Frein, who they've been tracking for days, finally cornered.

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