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'In those moments you need to fight for yourself:' Tucson teen speaks for first time since attempted abduction

If not for her instincts, quick-thinking and courage, 17-year-old Heather Holloman may never have been able to share her story.

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Caught on camera: Shoplifters target expensive frames in eyeglass store

An east-side eyeglass store is calling on the community for help catching shoplifters.

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How effective are wearable fitness monitors

You've probably seen them because so many companies make them. Fit bits,fit bugs, fuel bands, up's, and vivo-fits. The wearable fitness devices you clip on your belt, strap around your wrist or hang around your neck, and measure your daily steps, sleep patterns and calories burned. They also connect to your smartphone or computer so you can track what you eat. But are they actually helping.

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Exclusive: Officer Darren Wilson speaks for the first time to ABC anchor

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson says he couldn't have done anything differently in his confrontation with Michael Brown to have prevented the 18-year-old's shooting death.

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Fla. mother accused of branding children avoids jail time

Kayla Oxenham claimed she had burned her children to 'identify them' as being hers -- she has received three years of probation.

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