Update: Progress made on 600-acre southern Arizona fire

The Odonell Canyon Fire, burning on Babacamari Ranch in Elgin is expected to be fully contained by tonight.

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Missing 2 years: Isabel Celis and the case that's far from cold

The search for Isabel expanded from the neighborhood to the country and even to Mexico, then revisited more than a year and a half later. But two years later, she has yet to be found.

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Healthcare.gov enrollees vulnerable after cybersecurity breach

A cybersecurity scare is affecting people who signed up for an insurance plan on Healthcare.gov.

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  • 6 minutes ago Regional News

Arizona, New Mexico senators on wildfire tour

The senators are supporting legislation that would give federal agencies greater incentive to contract with companies to harvest trees and other vegetation to reduce the wildfire risk.

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Malaysia Airline makes emergency landing at same airport as missing plane

Flight MH192 made an emergency landing at Kutala Lumpur, the takeoff location of missing Flight MH370.

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