Miracle on 31st Street needs your help with toy donations

The Miracle on 31st Street event takes place on Sunday and organizers say they are running short on toys to give out.

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Paramedic in intensive care after medical emergency on the job

An EMT had to treat his longtime partner after he suffered a seizure while transporting a patient.

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"Holiday patrols" prevent seasonal crime spike in Marana

The crime rate goes up in most cities around the holidays, but Marana police say they prevent this spike using "holiday patrols."

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Marana police investigating two stranger danger alerts

The Marana Police Department is investigating two incidents of suspicious vehicles approaching juveniles earlier this week.

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Elderly rapist allegedly stalked young boy for 2 years, wrote love letters

The 73-year-old convicted rapist eventually ended up moving next door to the boy and his family.

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