WATCH: Comedic SWA flight attendant addresses safety regulations


WATCH: Comedic SWA flight attendant addresses safety regulations

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Apr 14, 2014

If every airline had hilarious flight attendants, then passengers may never want to leave once boarded.

On a recent Southwest Airlines flight to Salt Lake City, a YouTuber named "Marty SWA flight attendant" filmed and uploaded a video of his assumed co-worker addressing a full plane with safety instructions. However, after watching the clip, you may be wondering if this woman featured was a former rapper or comedian by her incredibly fast talking, yet hilarious, jokes.

"If I can pretend to have your attention for just a few moments, my ex-husband, my new boyfriend and their divorce attorney are going to show you the safety features," the unidentified woman says in the beginning of the video.

She further describes the standard life-preserver as a "teeny-weeny yellow Southwest bikini" and says, "although the bag may not inflate, you are receiving lots and lots of 'gin'... oxygen that is," in regards to the oxygen mask.

The flight attendant further sums up the trip, "Basically just do what we say and nobody gets hurt." 

Watch above and try not to laugh.


Julianne Cassidy

Julianne Cassidy

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