Minor leaguer Delino DeShields Jr. mending after 90-mph ball to the face

Minor leaguer Delino DeShields Jr. mending after 90-mph ball to the face

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Apr 23, 2014

Minor league baseball player Delino DeShields Jr., 21, of the Houston Astros took a 90-mph fastball to the face on April 18 and is now mending his fractured cheek. Center fielder DeShields was miraculously able to walk off of the field post-injury during a game against the Frisco RoughRiders.

Fresh in recovery DeShields Instagrammed a selfie which quickly went viral. "I had friends calling me from across the country saying that my face was on local news," De Shields tells Fox Sports. "Kind of a weird way to go viral, but going viral is still going viral." 

"I do have a good sense of humor about it because it could be a lot worse and I'm not dead. I'm still able to enjoy what life has to offer and that's always something to be happy about," DeShields explains to Fox Sports. "As soon as I gained consciousness, the first thing I felt for were my teeth. If anyone knows me, they know how much I love my teeth and my smile. It's my money maker." Adding, "I was on the ground, felt for my teeth took a huge breath of relief and said, 'at least all my teeth are still in,' and we all chuckled a little bit while I was on the ground."

Now on a soft fooddiet and being compared to "Professor Klump" from "The Nutty Professor" by his teammates, DeShields is going to be just fine. And ladies, DeShields further shares with Fox News, "If there's anyone out there that thinks my face is cute, they know where to find me: Instagram: @linodeshields; Twitter: @linodeshields."

Watch below as "Today" offers a demonstration of a baseball hitting a watermelon at the same 90-mph speed.

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