Jon Hamm on a ’90s dating show? Check out the hair!


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Jon Hamm on a ’90s dating show? Check out the hair!

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Apr 5, 2014

Before he became famous for playing Don Draper on AMC’s “Mad Men,” Jon Hamm was just like every other struggling young actor in Los Angeles, willing to do nearly anything that would get him in front of a camera. For the then 25-year-old Hamm, that meant appearing as a contestant in 1996 on a short lived and little remembered dating game show called “The Big Date.” 

As surprising as that clearly is on its own merits, what really has the Internet buzzing this weekend is the sight of Hamm’s hair, which is calling “the most ‘90s hair ever . . . That there was a time when THIS was the height of fashion is the reason aliens have thus far shunned our planet,” HitFix adds.
In his awkward game show appearance, Hamm offers potential a date “an evening of total fabulosity,” and generally demonstrates that he “wasn't always as suave as he is today,” reports HitFix, which even created a transparency you can use to Hamm up the hair in your own photos. Find it here.
Watch a clip from the episode of “The Big Date” featuring Hamm above, and the entire (22 minute) episode below to see which guy the bachelorette picks. (Hint: It’s not Hamm.)