Homer Simpson takes the ALS ice bucket challenge


Homer Simpson takes the ALS ice bucket challenge

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Aug 27, 2014

We’ve seen celebrities of every sort taking the ALS ice bucket challenge over the last month, but until now no cartoon characters had taken on the challenge. Leave it to Homer Simpson to be the first.

In this viral video, whose real aim is to promote the upcoming new season of Fox’s “The Simpsons,” we see a shirtless Homer challenging neighbor Ned Flanders, pal Lenny and even Donald Trump to take the challenge before pouring a small glass of water over his head and then dramatically overreacting.
Mischievous son Bart, however, has other ideas as he flies overhead in a helicopter. Watch the clip above to see what happens next.
The Simpsons returns for its 26th season on Fox September 28.
“In the season 26 premiere a resident of Springfield dies, Krusty retires after he's offended by a cable channel roast of him and Lisa tries to protect Homer,” reports E! “Guest stars this season include Nick Offerman, Jane Fonda, Willem Dafoe and the cast of Futurama.”
Phyllis Stark

Phyllis Stark

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