Tulsa FOP endorses Kathy Taylor for mayor

Tulsa FOP endorses Kathy Taylor for mayor

CREATED Oct 3, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 3, 2013

TULSA (KFAQ) - The Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed former mayor Kathy Taylor in her bid to retake the office.

The FOP voted to endorse Taylor after meeting with her last night.  At this point she is the only candidate who has asked to talk to our membership," said Jessica Caswell of the Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police.

"I'm here and mayor Bartlett isn't speaks volumes about the dialogue that we're having about public safety," said Taylor.
As for whether or not a police union endorsement speaks volumes? In the last election they didn't endorse anyone, but the two before that?
"2006 we endorsed Kathy Taylor and in 2002 we endorsed Bill LaFortune," said Caswell.
But would there be an endorsement this year? The answer came around 8:30 Wednesday night.
"The Tulsa FOP has decided to endorse Kathy Taylor this evening," said Caswell.
As for why Mayor Bartlett didn't get the nod?
"He laid off 121 police officers, and it was unnecessary to do so," said Caswell.
As for Taylor's thoughts on what the police want?
"They want to know that they have a seat at the table when decisions are being made about the police department, that they're not being made in a vacuum," she said.
"We feel like she can do something for our department in a big way," said Caswell.
The Bartlett campaign responded with the following statement: "I will continue to make public safety a top priority, and I will continue to find fiscally responsible ways to put more boots on the ground. I'm still the only candidate in this race to put forth a public safety plan that doesn't raise taxes, and I look forward to continuing fighting for ways to improve public safety here in Tulsa."