The special session: How much does it cost?

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The special session: How much does it cost?

CREATED Sep. 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep. 5, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - After two days of political maneuvering, Oklahoma legislators are finally expected to begin debating a series of bills that change the way civil lawsuits are filed and handled in Oklahoma.

Thursday is the first day that bills will be debated by House and Senate members, who were called into a special session by Gov. Mary Fallin to address a 2009 civil justice reform bill that was declared unconstitutional by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

After the court ruled in June the bill was unconstitutional because it included multiple subjects in one bill, Republican leaders in the House and Senate decided to pass several measures separately. Thirty bills have been filed 15 each in the House and Senate to address the changes that were in the original bill.

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Editor's note: It is costing taxpayers approximately $30,000 per day while the legislature is in session.