Tulsa County DA continues dentist office probe

KFAQ News Team

Tulsa County DA continues dentist office probe

CREATED May. 9, 2013

TULSA (KFAQ) - Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris says his office is continuing to investigate a Tulsa dentist at the center of a complaint filed by the state Board of Dentistry, but it's unclear how long the investigation might take.

 “We are in contact with a variety of state and federal agencies, including the state dental board but the simple fact is that a substantial investigation will need to be conducted and completed before any decision on potential criminal charges will take place,” District Attorney Tim Harris said.  The state Board of Dentistry filed a 17-count complaint against Tulsa dentist, W. Scott Harrington.
 Harris said the investigation could take a significant amount of time, in part, because of the number of persons that will need to be interviewed.  He said both federal and state investigators will be involved. “Once an investigation is complete, the case will be reviewed for potential criminal charges,” Harris said. “Depending on what the investigation reveals, it is possible charges could be filed by the Tulsa County DA’s Office, or by the state Attorney General or by federal prosecutors. Prosecutors for all agencies will objectively look at the evidence and then make those decisions.”
 “The goal is to do a thorough investigation and then make some common sense decisions on potential criminal charges and which agency is in the best position to prosecute any case,” Harris said.