Fallin meets with Oklahoma GOP leaders over tax cut

Governor Mary Fallin

Fallin meets with Oklahoma GOP leaders over tax cut

CREATED Apr. 15, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Gov. Mary Fallin is meeting with Republican legislators to discuss plans to cut the state income tax and says leaders are ``very close'' to an agreement.

Fallin said Monday after meeting behind closed doors with the House Republican Caucus that she's still negotiating the details with leaders in the House and Senate. Among the items being discussed are how deep to cut the state's income tax rate, when the cut would take effect and whether some tax credits and deductions would be eliminated.

Fallin said she believes any plan to eliminate tax credits or exemptions would be handled as a separate proposal and not included in the bill to cut the income tax rate. A change to some state tax credits was added to Fallin's tax proposal in the Senate.

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