Tulsa dentist's friend doesn't believe allegations

Tulsa dentist's friend doesn't believe allegations

CREATED Mar 31, 2013

 PHOENIX (AP) - An old friend of Oklahoma oral surgeon accused of unsanitary practices says she can't believe the allegations against him.

The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry says Dr. W. Scott Harrington may have put patients at risk for exposure to hepatitis and HIV. It's urging thousands of his patients to get tested for the viruses.

But Suzy Horton told The Associated Press Saturday that Harrington removed two of her wisdom teeth in the early '90s. She says Harrington is very professional and sends her a card every Christmas even though she hasn't seen him in years.

Horton now lives in Phoenix, but she used to live in a Carefree, Ariz., home that Harrington later bought from her ex-husband.

The Associated Press has not been able to reach Harrington.

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