House approves agency plans for funding loss

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House approves agency plans for funding loss

CREATED Mar. 4, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The Oklahoma House has approved a bill that would direct state agencies to prepare contingency plans in case their federal funding plummets by 25 percent.

House Speaker and Republican T. W. Shannon introduced the bill, which cleared the chamber in a 70-26 vote largely along party lines.

Supporters say the contingency plans are simply a smart move when the federal government lurches from one budget-cut showdown to the next. Automatic budget cuts that will trim more than $80 billion in federal spending before this September went into effect last week.

House Democratic leader Scott Inman, however, says Republicans can't reject federal funding for health care and other programs while telling agencies to prepare for cuts.

Oklahoma received roughly $7 billion from the federal government last fiscal year.

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