Teen gets shot, serves jail time for playing 'knockout' game


Photo: Video by hot1045.net

Teen gets shot, serves jail time for playing 'knockout' game

By Cassie Alsup. CREATED Nov 20, 2013

Teens in cities across the country are in the national spotlight for playing a game that has cost one man his life.

Point 'Em Out, Knock 'Em Out is a game where groups of people find a person and attempt to knock them out. In 2009, a group of individuals ended up killing a man while playing this game. Many teens are saying it's something to do because they're simply bored. Seeing the incidents on social media is prompting teens all over to try the game out for themselves, according to authorities.

This past summer, Marvell Weaver attempted to use a stun gun on a man who was waiting at a bus stop for his 6-year-old daughter in Lasing, Mich., M Live reports. But Weaver did not count on the man carrying a concealed weapon. Instead of winning the game, the teen was shot twice and is now serving jail time. According to Michigan's handgun laws, the teen was justifiably shot for initiating an attack on the man.

The teen faces up to two years in prison because of his game. Remorseful about the incident, the teen said he thinks he has learned his lesson.