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Temperatures are headed to the lower and middle 80s while dew points remain in the upper half of the 60s. We should remain mainly dry through the rest of the afternoon, but an approaching cold front for the evening and overnight hours will bring another round of scattered rain and stronger thunderstorms. That rain will move across the peninsula from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic; we will see our weather clear Saturday morning.

Behind this latest cold front our dew points will fall to the middle 50s for the weekend, it will also produce strong winds for Saturday afternoon as our skies clear. We will remain mostly sunny and breezy on Sunday with comfortable dew points in the middle and upper 50s.

All of next week will include quite a bit of sunshine, warm temperatures in the middle and upper 80s with a gradual climb in dew points from near 60 degrees on Monday to the middle 60s by Thursday.


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