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Wet weekend ahead

Winds finally become more southeasterly for Friday.  That means a dry morning, sunny skies the first part of the day.  Showers and thunderstorms will develop late afternoon along the I-75 corridor and drift back toward coastal communities late afternoon and during the evening.
Some tropical moisture moves over the peninsula on Saturday and especially on Sunday when we expect to see numerous showers and thunderstorms developing.  Weekend highs will be in the lower 90's each afternoon.


Tracking the Tropics-
A Hurricane Hunter aircraft is investigating Invest 93L, the low pressure system 550 miles east of the southern Windward Islands.  This system is producing near gale force winds (39 miles per hour.)  Shower and thunderstorm activity seems to have diminished significantly since this morning.  Therefore, the low does not meet the criteria to be upgraded to a tropical depression.
Showers and thunderstorms may redevelop later today or tonight which could result in tropical cyclone formation. There is still a high chance (70%) of this system becoming a tropical storm as it continues to the west/northwest heading for the east side of the Bahamas at 15-20 miles per hour.
The latest forecast models continue to show a strong consensus that the forecast path will turn north before reaching Florida.



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