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WATCH: Sir Mix-A-Lot performs 'Baby Got Back' with Seattle Symphony


WATCH: Sir Mix-A-Lot performs 'Baby Got Back' with Seattle Symphony

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Jun 10, 2014

Worlds collided in Seattle on Friday when rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot joined the Seattle Symphony onstage at Benarova Hall to collaborate on his iconic song “Baby Got Back.” Yup, this really happened. Watch it all go down in the video above.

Calling the performance “orchestral movements from the hood night,” Sir Mix-A-Lot invited women from the audience to join him onstage to dance during the song, and dozens of well dressed ladies took him up on it during what the Los Angeles Times called a “highbrow take on his lascivious single.”
The rapper is from Seattle, and according to the Los Angeles Times, “The show was part of the symphony's ‘Sonic Evolution’ series, which rewrote hometown singles for classical settings” under the direction of arranger Gabriel Prokofiev
The program's goal, Prokofiev told the Times, was to "really get inside the musical mind of Sir Mix-A-Lot; to understand how his rhythms, textures, sounds and harmonies work, and then to create a contemporary orchestral composition that is true to the music of Sir Mix-A-Lot ... A recurring four-note motive, for instance, traces the rhythm of the opening phrase from ‘Baby Got Back’: I like big butts.’”
Phyllis Stark

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