Norwegians are tested with hidden camera by SOS Children's Villages

Julianne Cassidy


Norwegians are tested with hidden camera by SOS Children's Villages

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Feb 21, 2014

If you saw a young boy shivering on a snowy bench alone, would you offer him your coat? Maybe wrap him in your scarf, or toss him your gloves? The Norwegian branch of the charity SOS Children's Villages International hid cameras at a local bus stop in Oslo, Norway, to find out how people would react.

The campaign was filmed to promote the donation of funds to provide warm clothing and mattresses for displaced children in Syria. "More than 6.5 million people have been displaced inside Syria as a result of the civil war that has now raged for almost three years. Over two million have fled to neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey," explains The Nordic Page. "Winter in Syria can be severe, with temperatures below freezing, snow and biting wind. Many of the refugees have left their homes without winter clothing."

What you'll see in the above video is astounding. Recorded over two days, bus-stop patrons give the 11-year-old boy their gloves and or wrap him tight in their scarves. And even more shocking, many shed their own jackets (exposing their bare arms to the frigid temperatures) to let him snuggle into warmth.

If that does not provide you with enough hope for humanity, then also please note: there is said to be "many more" kind strangers not shown in this clip.