German Shepherd summoned to jury duty

Julianne Cassidy


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German Shepherd summoned to jury duty

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Apr 16, 2014

The name of a man and his dog were mixed up by officials in New Jersey's Cumberland County, resulting in his dog being summoned for jury duty instead.

Barrett Griner IV named his 5-year-old female German Shepherd "IV" (pronounced Ivy). "He uses the roman numeral for four, and that’s also why he named his dog IV, as in using the letters 'I and V,'" explains CBS Philly.

“I had to laugh at it,” Griner tells CBS Philly. IV's name appears on the summons the same way that it's stated on her vet records.

The Cumberland County Judiciary Coordinator has since decided that the computer generated summons misplaced the ordering of Griner's name and it was meant for "Griner IV," not "IV Griner."