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Bizarre Idaho gubernatorial debate goes viral


Bizarre Idaho gubernatorial debate goes viral

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED May 16, 2014

The race for Governor of Idaho is making national news after a wacky debate among the four Republican candidates went viral, thanks to a pair of non-traditional candidates who stole the show. The Wednesday night debate was televised by Idaho Public Television on a 30-second delay, apparently due to the unpredictability of what those two candidates might say. Topics of debate ranged from same-sex marriage to Armageddon. 

All four men had previously qualified in the state's May 20 primary election.
In addition to incumbent Gov. Butch Otter and state Sen. Russ Fulche, the debate included a pair of bearded, long-shot candidates who each described themselves as anything but politically correct. One, Harley Brown, is the leader of a local biker gang, and said during the televised debate, “I'm about as politically correct as your proverbial turd in a punch bowl.” Brown also claimed he had a masters degree in “raisin' hell.”
According to the New York Daily News, Brown said his fellow bikers were "cop magnets, like a Playboy bunny in a mini-skirt gets hit on all the time." As for his plan to seize power, he reportedly said, “You bind those evil spirits behind the feds with the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus, the power of entombment of the Holy Spirit, the power of agreement, the word of God,” the Post reports. He added, “Take air superiority, and then roll in with your tanks on the ground, like ... lawsuits. Blitzkrieg!"
The other left-field candidate, Walt Bayes, “insisted the Bible foretold nuclear accidents and urged every citizen to take potassium iodide tablets to protect their thyroid glands,” the Post reports.
Bayes also criticized the state's history of jailing home-schooling parents like himself, saying he'd shoot anyone who came to take his kids.
In his closing speech, Brown said the job as Idaho's Governor was just a stepping stone on his eventual goal: the Oval Office.
"I need practice! Practice! I don't want to say stuff like, 'Sorry if our bombing caused you any inconvenience.' So I want to work in the Little League, as the governor," he said.

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