New Tropical Depression forms

New Tropical Depression forms

By Andrew Murphy. CREATED Aug 14, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla.  - The National Hurricane Center has classified the Tropical Wave off the African coast as our latest Tropical Depression, but it is very far out, and no threat in the short term whatsoever.

However, we've been tracking an area of low pressure closer to home since Monday and it looks like wetter weather will be heading for Florida by the end of the week.  

This area of tropical moisture being monitored by the National Hurricane Center in the western Caribbean could develop to bring flooding rain to the Southeast by the end of the week.

Tropical development in the Caribbean and Gulf has been a concern since early this week, with numerous scenarios still in play.

However, meteorologists continue to have more confidence due to the moisture from the storm shifting into the Gulf of Mexico and towards the United States.

Once the system moves into the Gulf Thursday night and Friday, it will also be in a rather favorable environment for development.

Through the end of the week, water temperatures are expected to stay just slightly above average for this time of year. The strong opposing winds that tend to shred storms have also weakened.

However, it is still questionable if the storm will have enough time to officially develop into a tropical depression or storm.

It does appear that Southwest Florida will have unsettled weather through the start of the weekend, and we will watch this storm very closely.