Viewers don't want Red, White and Boom to be a bust

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Viewers don't want Red, White and Boom to be a bust

CREATED Dec. 11, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 11, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A Fourth of July staple in Cape Coral is in jeopardy of fizzling out. A lack of green is canceling Red, White and Boom unless someone steps in to sponsor the popular event.
The city's major yearly celebration is a no-go after Re/Max Realty says it will not be the official headline sponsor.
The Cape Coral chamber of commerce has been organizing the event for 20 years and unless someone steps up to foot the $50,000 bill, Red, White and Boom is a bust which many say could hurt more than just tradition.
"July 4th is a big revenue in taker for all businesses everywhere and to take something like that out of the mix, it's crushing to the local economy here," said Shawn Sparks, owner of Fords Garage.
We're hearing from many of you hoping someone will step up to keep the event alive. A lot of you, like Rick from Cape Coral not calling on the city to pitch in but curious about local business owners.
"There ought to be some large entity, we're not all tourism, the Kia dealership or Hertz or some big corporation. Somebody ought to step in and take care of Red, White and Boom."
Another viewer writing in asked,  "Why can't the chamber offer a raffle to 50 business with all of them being co sponsors? Thus, giving every small business the chance to be in the spotlight."
Lance wrote, "They go through this mess every year! If not, there is always downtown Ft. Myers River District to watch the fireworks."

Between insurance, tents and port-a-potty's, Red, White and Boom adds up to more than $110,000.