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Viewers Voice: Should speed limit be increased to 75 mph?

Miriam Zamorano

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Viewers Voice: Should speed limit be increased to 75 mph?

CREATED Nov. 13, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A proposed bill would allow the Florida Department of Transportation to raise the maximum speed limits in areas where officials consider it is safe to do so.  
The current speed limit is 70 mph on highways like I-75. Some Florida lawmakers suggest the maximum speed limit should be 75 mph with the argument that this way more drivers would be travelling close to the same speed.
"When you have a very artificially low speed limit you actually increase accident rates because you end up in a scenario where the majority of drivers see that the speed limit is ridiculously low, that the road can handle a much higher speed and they drive at that speed, regardless of the law," said Rep. Matt Caldwell.
Mike on Facebook supports a change writing,"Everyone drives at least 75 already, change it."
Bill from Cape Coral called Fox 4 and said, "No matter what the speed limit is, you're always going to have people in a hurry going faster than it. I think it's a bad idea."
"I think raising the speed limit would definitely increase the accidents that happen," said Brandy from North Port.
Brian wrote on Facebook, "Summer is hydroplaning time due to the incessant rain. 70 is fast enough for me."
Debra posted, "I think its great unfortunately you will still have those going 45 in the left lane."
"Long overdue, the interstate limit should be 80 or 85," posted Charles.
Lawmakers say 17 other states have already increased their speed limits above 70 mph with Texas topping the charts at 85 mph.

The change would require approval by the legislature and Gov. Rick Scott in next spring's 2014 session.