Viewers Voice: Security guards fired over photo-op with Tom Brady

Miriam Zamorano

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Viewers Voice: Security guards fired over photo-op with Tom Brady

CREATED Dec. 4, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A weekend of football leaves some fans feeling tackled with a loss, not because of the score but because two security guards were fired for taking a picture with New England Patriots star Tom Brady.
Joel Williams is one of the former guards. He said he took the photo after completing his duties at Sunday's Houston Texans game at Reliant Stadium when he brushed elbows with the football star.
"Immediately after I took the picture, I get ran down by a supervisor. They didn't really give a reason, they said you now, you know you wrong and you're fired," said Williams.
Sandra posted on Facebook, "Leave people alone. They did not hurt anything."
Williams' employer, Contemporary Services Corporation, or CSC, released a statement that read, "It is strictly against CSC policy for its employees to request photos or autographs from players. CSC stands by its decision to terminate the two employees who violated this policy."
Williams acknowledged he was aware of the policy but thought it was OK since it was after the game.
June agreed with the company's move and wrote, "Apparently they knew the rule and broke it; sorry, but you have to pay the penalty."
Lance said, "They weren't getting paid to get there picture taken, so they got fired. What's the problem?"

Bob asked, "Who cares if they took a picture. Fired? Whoever thought it was a good idea to fire the security guards should be fired."