Viewers Voice: Rep. Radel's apology pulls heartstrings for some; disappoints others

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Viewers Voice: Rep. Radel's apology pulls heartstrings for some; disappoints others

CREATED Nov. 21, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - All of Southwest Florida is reacting to Rep. Trey Radel's address to the media and how he opened up about his family in his first public address since being arrested for possession of cocaine.
In 9 minutes and 23 seconds, in his own words, Congressman Trey Radel apologized.
"I've let down our country, I've let down our constituents, I've let down my family, including my wife and even though he doesn't know it, I've let down my two year old son," said Radel at a press conference Wednesday night.
Radel goes on to mention his mother and how she struggled with alcoholism and the way the community embraced him when she died tragically a few years ago.
Toni from Cape Coral called in feeling for Radel's family.
"I still have faith and trust in him and I hope he'll be fine. God bless them and I hope he can continue as our congressman," she said.
After watching the press conference, not everyone is so quick to forgive. In an email, Lyle wrote, "He should get jail time. I feel foolish for even voting for him now."
Henry from Naples didn't buy the heart felt apology. He said, "It looks to me like he did a very good acting job trying to get the sympathy of people to feel sorry for him."
Debra wrote in an email, He "appears" to be sincere, but then that's what most addicts say. He should relinquish his congressional seat - although who's to say the successor would be any better."
Hundreds of comments taking over the Fox Four Facebook page. Sheryl posted, "He said at one point, quietly that he has been dealing with this for years, yet duped the people of SW Florida when he ran for office. He is not what I want representing me in congress!!!"

Wendy said, "To me this just shows that drugs don't discriminate!"