Viewers Voice: Proposed food truck regulations could drive business into the ground

Miriam Zamorano

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Viewers Voice: Proposed food truck regulations could drive business into the ground

CREATED Nov. 4, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - John Wolske is one of many food truck operators in Cape Coral worried about the future of his livelihood. 
Just the talk of adding fees and regulations to his monthly operating costs has him concerned his kitchen on wheels will only be driven into the ground.
"It would put me out of business," said Wolske.
One of the proposed ordinances would require food truck owners to pay $600 for a permit every six months, something Cape Coral building official Paul Dickson says is doable.
"Well, we initially thought the fees were reasonable. It's $100 dollars a month for a six month permit," said Dickson.
One viewer sent a message, "I think the food truck fee is wrong . A man takes initiative to earn an honest living then get fees to put him out of business."
Another proposed regulation would prohibit a food truck from operating out of the same location for more than three days in which Celine from Fort Myers thinks affects more than just the business owner.
"If you get used to a hot dog at one place and you want to go back and keep going but if he's only going to be there three days then you have to hunt all over town, you know it's kind of ridiculous."
Chrissy called from Buckingham saying too many restrictions in the Cape is why she moved.
"I mean what else are you people going to go after? Let that vendor work, I mean he's selling hot dogs."
Another part of the proposed regulations would allow a maximum of 15 food trucks to operate at one time in Cape Coral. 

Those in favor of the food truck regulations say its necessary to make sure all food trucks follow the same rules.