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Viewers Voice: Pit bull owners defend breed after recent attack

Miriam Zamorano

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Viewers Voice: Pit bull owners defend breed after recent attack

CREATED Nov. 8, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Jeremy in Fort Myers is worried about his pets after he says his rabbits were attacked not once but twice by pit bulls in the middle of the night.
"The side of the cage with the metal welding on it was ripped off, and the rabbit was just mauled," said Jeremy.
His prize winning rabbit was killed and Jeremy's mother, Coleene says another rabbit cage down the street was attacked by the same dogs leaving her more concerned about the kids nearby.
"After the sunsets there has to be an adult out here, even in our backyard," said Coleene.
The Fort Myers Police Department has a trap set up and is actively looking for the accused dogs but some of you say more should be done. 
Melissa posted to Facebook, "If they are attacking other animals they will attack children. Unfortunately, it sounds like they need to be put down."
The story is striking a nerve with pit bull lovers. Many say the breed only gets negative attention.
Wendy posted to Facebook, "There are many breeds that can be mistaken as pit bulls. It really doesn't matter the breed, it's all how they are raised."
Pilar thought, "Small animals are prey to any large dog. It does not make them killers dogs."
Ron responded, "The TYPE of dog is the PROBLEM!!"
Ginger said, "This is an animal control issue. Dogs should not be running loose regardless of breed."

The Fort Myers Police Department continues to check the trap and patrol the area but if you see them, you're asked to call (239) 321-7700.