Viewers Voice: More signatures needed for medical marijuana amendment

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Viewers Voice: More signatures needed for medical marijuana amendment

CREATED Dec. 18, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 18, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - With only weeks left, supporters of medical marijuana are working to get enough signatures to put a proposal on the 2014 ballot so Floridians can have a chance to vote on the controversial subject.
Popular attorney John Morgan has let his opinion be known. He's already put $2,000,000 behind the push to put the medical marijuana amendment on next year's ballot.
Now, more of you want to be heard. "I am all for medical marijuana," said Kathy from Chokoloskee. She said she would vote "yes" if asked to legalize pot for medicinal purposes.
The proposed amendment needs nearly 700,000  voter signatures by February 1  to land a spot on the 2014 ballot. According to the Florida Department of Elections website, only 165,611 signatures have been verified. 
Tony called in and fears legalizing pot will do more harm than good. "What's going to happen to the innocent people when someone's high on drugs and driving and they get killed?" he asked. "That's why I'm against it."
Nona from Fort Myers thinks the drug will get in the wrong hands. "I think it will be given to people that don't necessarily need it."
Lisa from Cape Coral said she's going to do her part to give the voters a chance to decide.
"It is very beneficial and I'm going to go out and get a lot of people to back it up as well because it's a wonderful idea. They should have did it a long time ago. I know quite a few people that went through chemo....couldn't eat, keep nothing down until they did try it."

Even if enough signatures are collected, the Supreme Court still has to approve a ballot summary language that's being challenged by the attorney general.