Viewers Voice: Some say firing over Facebook photo went too far

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Viewers Voice: Some say firing over Facebook photo went too far

CREATED Nov. 12, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Former Pocatello High School girls basketball coach, Loraine Cook, says she wishes she used more caution when posting a photo of her and her fiance to Facebook. The picture clearly shows the Idaho couple in bathing suits with her fiance putting his hand on her chest.
Her fiance is also a district employee but is keeping his job because the school says he didn't post the picture, Cook did. 
Some, like Shelly from Port Charlotte, said she's not setting a good example, especially to her players, the Lady Indians.
"It was just a bad decision and a very bad decision for her to post such a picture on Facebook," said Shelly.
Susan posting to Facebook, "I have to agree with her termination. That is an inappropriate picture to go on a public website. She is an adult, she should have known better...if that were my child's teacher, I would be upset."
The photo was taken on a family vacation, a reason to make Karen write, "I think employers are going too far by firing someone for what they choose to do in their own time as long as it's not breaking the law."
Ryan defended the coach posting, "No student was put at risk with the posting of this photo, so there is no reason to fire her."
Beth said, "She is an example for kids. But I think firing her was a bit much. People need their jobs..." 

Cook is appealing her termination.