Viewers Voice: Couple faces fines after turning drug house into green house

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Viewers Voice: Couple faces fines after turning drug house into green house

CREATED Nov. 14, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A Charlotte County couple's good intentions ended up landing them on the wrong side of the fence with Code Enforcement.
Viewers are now standing up for the pair that turned a crack house into a green house.
Mark Harrison and his wife, Allison, are proud to show off their hard work transforming an old Port Charlotte drug house into a thriving green house.
"I don't want to be on food stamps, I don't want to be on medicaid, so I grow my own food and I try to be healthy," said Allison.
While neighbors are thrilled to see the makeover, a fence that's protecting them from squatters, is too close to the road according to officials. Now, the couple is facing citations from Code Enforcement for improper fencing, failure to get a permit for re installation of windows and fines for improper use of a greenhouse. A Code Enforcement manager says he's just doing his job.
"Per the laws that govern what we do, we have to make sure when something is done, it's done to the proper standards," said Shawn Horton.
Harrison says he may have to let the house go since they can't afford all the work necessary to bring it up to Code Enforcement standards not to mention paying the fines.
Ann from Marco Island has a message for Code Enforcement.
"They've done a beautiful job and they're an inspiration to the neighborhood...shame on you!"
"What is it better to have a drug house there or homeless living in the house? Or something that's helping the kids and helping the neighborhood and growing their own food and helping and teaching people to grow their own food?" asked Cheryl from Cape Coral.
Lisa also feels for the couple and the neighborhood. She said, "They're not bothering with them!"

Code Enforcement says they will work with the couple until February. Then they will have to go before the board and face fines even a possible lien on their property.