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Viewers Voice: Viewers react to analyst weighing in on Rep. Radel's future

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Viewers Voice: Viewers react to analyst weighing in on Rep. Radel's future

CREATED Nov. 28, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov. 29, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - As Republican leaders call for Congressman Trey Radel to resign in light of his cocaine bust, a local strategist sees a bleak political future for Radel without support from his own party.
"The likelihood of his ability to win re-nomination and the election in November is very very slim," said FGCU political science professor Peter Bergerson. 
Bergerson said he sees Radel resigning in his future. "The best graceful exit would be that he realizes after some period of time that this is a much longer process of recovery and he thinks that as as a matter of public service he's going to resign his position," said Bergerson.
While Radel seeks help for addiction at a Naples rehab, more viewers are speaking out about the person who represents you in Washington D.C. hoping Bergerson is right.
"He should be taken out of office. He doesn't deserve our trust. He's been deceitful from the beginning," said Ingrid from Lehigh Acres.
Another viewer sent an email writing, "He betrayed us and needs to step down!!"
Marie from Naples is also disappointed in the Congressman. She said, "He got caught, otherwise he'd still be doing what he was doing. I don't believe he deserves a second chance."
With continued backlash, not everyone wants to see Radel step down. Joe from Cape Coral thinks everyone should give him a break. 
"I think Trey Radel should return to office, to his job. If everybody that did something wrong lost their jobs, half of the country would be out of work."

Ellen from Punta Gorda also stands behind Radel. She said,  "Trey Radel should be left alone and he should get a chance to heal himself."