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Viewers Voice: NY Troopers roll out SUVs to crack down on texting and driving

Miriam Zamorano

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Viewers Voice: NY Troopers roll out SUVs to crack down on texting and driving

CREATED Nov. 25, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - New York State Troopers are using a new fleet of 32 SUVs to get a better advantage of catching people texting and driving.
Officials say the Chevy Tahoes help troopers see drivers' hands even if they're using the phone on their laps. 
It's one of the most aggressive attacks on texting while driving. In Florida, texting and driving is a secondary offense and went into effect this past October.
Darlene posted to Facebook, "Great idea...Florida also needs to tighten up more..."
Iraida is not on board with the idea writing, "Use the money on more important issues!!!"
Kim, on the other hand, said, "They should definitely do this in Florida. There is nothing that important that you have to be texting or talking on the phone while driving."
Gregg posted, "Seems like the officers should be focused on driving and not peering in other vehicles. Eyes on the road."
Derek also not in favor of the new fleet and wrote in part, "All these little laws are getting more and more intrusive and eventually we will have no freedom left..."
Rene posted, "I fully support any effort to curb this dangerous habit."
This year, New York increased the penalties for motorists caught using hand-held devices to talk or text.

A study has found that a texting driver is 23 times more likely to be in a collision than those not texting.