Viewers Voice: Vicious dog ordinance gets reaction

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Viewers Voice: Vicious dog ordinance gets reaction

CREATED Dec. 17, 2013
CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Should a one time vicious attack be enough for a dog to be taken away from their owners? It's a question some are having a hard time answering with a simple yes or no. The subject is being discussed Tuesday in a public hearing in Lee County. 
Under Florida statute, an animal is only considered dangerous if it's attacked another animal at least twice. If a new county ordinance passes, animal services could take a dog away after its first attack on another animal.
Pet owners want their animals protected but many don't think it should come at the cost of punishing another animal or the owner for acting on instinct. 
Lisa makes the argument on Facebook. She says she does not support any changes to the law writing, "First time absolutely not, things happen. Did the other animal instigate the attack? One time, one bite, one instance does not define a dog's behavior."
Michelle from Englewood thinks the opposite and wrote in an email, "These dogs should NOT be given a second chance to take the life of someone else's pet. Once a killer, always a killer."
Another viewer named Michelle called from Fort Myers said she just doesn't want any laws targeting pit bulls. "All dogs are vicious and can turn on anybody," said Michelle.
Chris also stands up for the breed but thinks one attack is enough for a dog to be taken away. He said, "I agree that if a dog attacks another being once, it should be killed and I own a pit. Pits are not vicious animals."

David took to Facebook and wrote, "The responsibility is on the people keeping these animals. Negligence is punishable. Nature is not."