Sex offender near bus stop has mom concerned

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Sex offender near bus stop has mom concerned

CREATED Sep. 17, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Lee County School District has agreed to Four in Your Corner's efforts to move a bus stop in Cape Coral that had one parent concerned for her daughter's safety.  The mom said her daughter had to walk by a predator's house and would sometimes see the predator at the bus stop. 

Now, with the bus stop moving, the child has a short walk and will not have to pass the predator's house at all. 


Imagine a nine-year-old girl alone at a bus stop with a child predator.  A Cape Coral mom said this has become a reality for her daughter, who is the only child at a Cape Coral bus stop. 

Mom Barbara Gordineer said she is trying to get her daughter's bus stop location, currently at Andalusia Blvd. and NE 34th Lane, changed one street north to avoid walking near the predator's house.  

"It frightens me every single day that I'm not there and I'm not able to meet her at the bus stop," Gordineer said. "There's no telling what could happen."

The mom said the man, who's been convicted on two separate offenses for committing sexual acts on a child, often walks by her daughter's stop at the same time her daughter gets off the bus. 

"He could be innocent and going to work but it's still... you are a child predator passing by my child sitting at my child's bus stop, at the same time and happens to be at the same time every single time," she said. 

Four in Your Corner reached out to Lee County School District officials to see what it would take to get the stop moved.  According to the school district's communications director Amity Chandler, the current stop is technically considered to be safe, despite the child walking by the predator's house.  However, Chandler said officials understand Gordineer's concerns and are looking into changing the stop. 

In order to do so, transportation officials must confirm Gordineer's daughter is the only child assigned to the current stop, and that the proposed stop is considered safe by all standards.  If a decision is made to change the stop, it could take three days to go into effect.