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UPDATE: Charlotte County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed

Julie Salomone

UPDATE: Charlotte County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed

CREATED Aug. 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug. 6, 2013

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.- The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office held a press conference on Tuesday and released details surrounding Monday night's shooting. 

Sergeant Michael Wilson responded to a call of a husband allegedly hitting his son and wife just after 8pm on Monday. Sgt. Wilson was the first to arrive and was met with gunfire. 

"The suspect appeared to have shot down the staircase towards him and was able to shoot one exposed area not covered by his vest," said Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell. 

Wilson called for back up and died at a nearby hospital. Joe ViGiovanni lives inside the same building and saw deputies with guns drawn.

"They told us we had to leave the apartment. They asked if anyone else was inside beside my wife and I. They said we had to leave to protect us. They didn't think the walls were strong enough to stop any bullets," said ViGiovanni. 

Deputies heard the shooter had shot himself, but were hesitant to send anyone else inside.
"Only one staircase that was straight up. It's a fatal funnel. We did not want to send any other units up that staircase. We had reports he had possibily shot himself," said Prummell. 
Just after midnight, deputies brought in a robot from the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office to secure the scene. That is when deputies discovered the body of 49-year-old Jay Jaroslav Vanko inside the second story apartment. He had no criminal history. Deputies recovered multiple weapons inside the apartment and are determining which one killed Sgt. Wilson. 
"We've had had prior calls there. Two prior calls of domestic, but nothing physical. The subject does not have a criminal record that we have found so far." 
Wilson's death marks the first time in the history of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office(92 years), a deputy has ever been shot and killed.