Search continues for missing Port Charlotte man

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Search continues for missing Port Charlotte man

CREATED Oct. 4, 2013

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - Detectives diving into a cold case that's been unsolved for nearly three decades.

Captain Les Partington has been with the Charlotte County Sheriff's office for seven years.
"We dove and checked this area as much as we could by hand," he said.
For the last two days, about 20 investigators and county workers have combed through the murky waters of a canal off Navigator Road in Punta Gorda. 
"We're hopeful," he said. "Sometimes you cant. There's been a hurricane since then."
They're looking for the remains of 26-year-old Terrance Beghin, a Port Charlotte man missing for nearly 27 years. The latest development: his white 1982 Corvette that county workers discovered on Thursday while cleaning a drainage ditch. 
"It's kind of sad," said Michael Slattery, who lives next door to the crime scene. "Really. Imagine his family not knowing what happened to him."
Detectives haven't said whether they believe foul play was involved. But that seems less likely in Beghin's disappearance.
"[It] definitely looks like it may have been an accident," said Capt. Partington.
Investigators are basing that theory on what they've seen on the car.
"Some of the conditions of the car, some of the parts that are on the car, you can see is old damage," explained Capt. Partington.
The evidence they're collecting is hosed down and sifted through for human bones. 
But as Capt. Partington points out, it's not the only goal. 
"We're just trying our best to give the missing persons some dignity,"
If you have any information about Beghin, call the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office at  (941) 639-2101