School district will not do national search for new superintendent

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School district will not do national search for new superintendent

CREATED Aug. 27, 2013

Fort Myers, Fla. -

It's been just eight weeks since Dr. Nancy Graham took over as superintendent of the Lee County schools. She was given a one year contract which was to give the board time to do a national search for a permanent superintendent. As of Tuesday night, that's all officially changed. "To do a search right now would actually create almost a level of lack of trust, if you will, in the superintendent because it would show that we really don't have the trust in the superintendent," said school board member Jeanne Dozier. "There's a lot of momentum in the district that's going in a positive direction and we have not had any of that momentum in the last 18 months anyway."

School board chairwoman Mary Fischer agreed. "There have been many many comments from staff and from people in the community saying why are you going to waste the money to do that? So, it's a woman's perogative to change her mind so I'm doing that (laughter)."

Don Armstrong was the lone holdout saying it's because he said that's what he promised he would do. "Although she is doing a good job I do have a lot of support for her," he said. "But I still, I gave my word for something and I'm a man of my word"

The final vote was four to one.

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